Face to Face – Portrait workshops
11 Mar - 25 Mar 2017
Face to Face – Portrait workshops

Forget the mobile phone, why not draw or paint your own selfie? Artist Jole Bortoli helps you explore different ways and styles to create your self portrait in this creative workshop

Jole will help you explore our portrait gallery while sharing some of her expert knowledge about portraiture. You will then draw your own self-portrait using charcoal, just like Brian Maguire, before using paint to create a portrait of another child in the group.

During the workshop, you will look at many different ways of creating portraits. From Da Vinci to Picasso, Jole will help you to discover how artists throughout the centuries created the artistic ‘selfies’ they have left behind to inspire us.

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Jole Bortoli has been collaborating with The Ark since its opening in 1995, first working as a graphic designer creating The Ark’s brand and designing the logos and all brochures up to 2003. After facilitating her first major visual art programme for The Ark, A Flood of Colours, Jole gave up graphic design to work full time with children and adults in the arts. She has collaborated with The Ark on many exciting projects and innovative long-term pilot programmes.