Me & The City - Visual Art Workshops
3 Mar - 7 Apr 2018
Me & The City - Visual Art Workshops
Me & The City - Visual Art Workshops
Me & The City - Visual Art Workshops

Discover and explore the colours and textures of a city and its environment and how architects and artists create the iconic buildings, sculptures and street art within it.

Have you ever stood in front of Dublin’s famous Spire and wondered what the city looks like from the top? What shape it makes, from the foot of the Wicklow Mountains, along the river and between the canals? You could count its many bridges and see how different each one is, or marvel at the coloured lights from the many new buildings as they shimmer and play in the water of the Liffey as it flows out to meet the sea.

In Me & The City, you can take part series of visual art workshops where your ideas, paintings, drawings, and 3D models will help create an original, mini version of Dublin that even our most famous architect’s would want to steal ideas from!

Creative Workshop Schedule: 3 March – 7 April
Every Saturday (excl 17 March) & Bank Holiday Mon 19 March

To start each workshop, you will visit our gallery, which will be full of displays that will explore the creation of cities, their architecture and diverse habitats. You will see plans that show the design process of urban spaces as well as architectural drawings, sketchbooks, photographs and 3D models.

After exploring the gallery, you will take part in a fun, practical visual arts workshop with artist Jole Bortoli. There are different workshops each week:

  • A New Building for Dublin
    Sat 3 March @ 11.30am (Ages 5-7) & 2pm (Ages 8-12)
    Drawing and 3D mixed media workshop. Have you got any original ideas for a new building that Dublin would be proud of? What would it look like? Who would live there? Where would it be placed? In this workshop you will have the opportunity to design and build a model building of your own.

    When designing a new building some architects start by sketching and drawing their ideas on paper, but others start by playing with paper, cutting and folding cardboard, and taping the pieces together in ways that to us look random. During our workshop we’ll be doing exactly the same. By practising one way and then another you’ll soon find out what’s for you the best way to build up ideas!
  • Spectacular Street Art
    Ages 5-7: Sat 10, Sat 24 & Mon 19 March @ 11.30am
    Ages 8-12: Sat 10 March @ 2pm
    Drawing and painting workshop. Dublin is full of colourful murals. Have you seen any? On the side of many buildings you can spot skillfully done large-scale paintings. Some depict realistic subjects and some are abstract designs. What subject would you paint if you had the choice? What would passers-by see that would catch their interest and perhaps take a photo? Come with your ideas and paint one! You will have a choice of working from templates of different building facades or to design your own. From a city centre hotel’s front, a boarded up house or a warehouse wall, the city will be your canvas.Workshops on Mon 19 March are presented in partnership with St Patrick's Festival 
  • Spires, Towers & Imaginative Structures
    Ages 8-12: Mon 19 & Sat 24 March @ 2pm
    Mixed media workshop. Dublin has the Spire, Paris the Eiffel Tower and New York has the Statue of Liberty but perhaps you would like to design and make a new landmark monument or structure for your city today. Would that be a new bridge across the Liffey? An imaginative tower or a play-structure for a square of park? In this workshop you will create an original avant-garde structure using a wide variety of materials and textures.
    Workshops on Mon 19 March are presented in partnership with St Patrick's Festival
  • What’s in a City?
    Sat 31 March @ 11.30am (Ages 5-7) & 2pm (Ages 8-12)
    Mixed media workshop. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to learn, observe and to explore built spaces through the senses. You will, draw, feel and transform spaces using a wide selection of materials and textures and fill these spaces with ‘street furniture’ (objects and pieces of equipment installed along streets and roads for various purposes) that are found in any modern city environment, or invent new ones that may be essential for the functioning of a city of the future, for its citizens young and old, and for their working life and leisure.

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