The Ark returns to the Laya Healthcare City Spectaular 2015!

We are delighted to back in Merrion Square delivering some of our trademark family events as part of the ESB Spark Your Imagination area of the festival.

Make Your Mark at The Ark!

We are setting out to make a very special piece artwork and we need you to be part of it!

Preparation work is under way for COLOUR!

Curator Jole Bortoli gives us a glimpse into the advance work being done for our forthcoming exhibition and workshop programme.

Don’t miss The Ark’s New Animated Artwork.

We are delighted to have commissioned artist Sarah Bracken to create an animated artwork for our young audiences. 'Spectrum' can currently be seen in The Ark’s Longroom throughout our current exhibition Once Upon a Picture.

Creating an exhibition with many stories to tell…

Cleo Fagan, curator of our new exhibition 'Once Upon a Picture' talks about the process of putting together an exhibition for children.

It’s the final week of ‘Far Away From Me’ at The Ark

How did that happen? It seems like yesterday we were sitting in the workshop at the first reading and the whole adventure lay ahead of us. In the interim we’ve had a lot of laughs, some pulling out of hair, lots of late nights working on technical elements and lots of early mornings with yoga and warm ups happening in every corner of the building.

The best view in the house…

Our FoH Manager Lizzy Morrisey shares her thoughts on 'Far Away From Me' having seen it thirty something times with thirty something different audiences!

Once upon a time they all lived happily ever after – Really?

Drama facilitator Joanna Parkes suggests ways teachers can use Drama to challenge the stereotypes often present in traditional stories/fairytales.

“Ok guys, let’s take it from the toe hang!”

Thoughts from the rehearsal room...Actor Peter Corboy shares his experience of rehearsing our new show 'Far Away From Me'

Thoughts from the first day of rehearsals

It won’t matter how many years I work in theatre, I know I will never tire of the excitement of first day of rehearsals. There is something about the first day that is hard to capture in words but there is nothing like it. The first day of a brand new show like Far Away From Me is better again, as everyone is introduced for the first time to the story we will collectively tell to our audience.