I am a Little Boat CD

A unique collection of songs written especially for the youngest of children.Created by Fiona Kelleher for Ages 0-3.

Fiona Kelleher’s album for 0-3year olds I am a Little Boat is a beautiful and soothing collection of original songs gracefully crafted and performed.

Fiona’s music is in turns both dreamy and gently playful. Her songs create an instant connection with the youngest of listeners whilst simultaneously being of such musical beauty that adults are bound to equally enjoy listening. Fiona’s traditional Irish roots shine through giving the songs a delightful and genuine Irish inflection. The enchanting lyrical imagery and thoughtful arrangements combine to create a rich and quality introduction to music for children at the very start of life.

It is wonderful to hear what can be achieved when both children and musical artistry are equally placed at the heart of the process of creating and performing music. Both children and music are celebrated in the results.

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