Thank You

The Ark is deeply appreciative of each and every one of our dedicated partners and benefactors. Through their generosity, they ensure that thousands of children experience and have access to the fascinating and exciting world of the arts.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment.

The Ark Opportunities Fund

Ann Barry, Audrey Behan, Irina Bereznytska, Kathy Carroll, Claire Crosbie Dunning, Maria Davey Borresen, Emer Dolphin, Teresa Gadd, Deirdre Giblin, Aileen Hooper, Carol Kelly, Penelope Kenny, Marina Lynch, Frank McNamee, Simon Mills, Aisling & Mark Mortell, Deirbhile Nic Craith, Patricia Quinn, Eamonn Russell, Deborah Spillane, John Sutton & Jole Bortoli.

Additionally, in 2020 the following people contributed to The Ark Opportunities Fund through our #ARK25 birthday campaign:

Lynda Carroll, Melissa Collins, Niamh Collins, Liz Culloty, Lucy Costelloe, Catherine Cotter, Catherine Dowling, Carol Fawsitt, Andrew Hetherington, Aideen Howard, Brian Lavery, George Kesedis, Fiach MacConghail, Janice McAdam, Tomm Moore & Liselott Olofsson, Dorothy Morrissey, Cynthia Ó Dúnlaing, Sarah O'Dwyer, Anne O'Gara, James O'Hagan, Andrew & Delyth Parkes, Ciarán Wrenn.

So far, the following people have supported The Ark Opportunities Fund through this year's 25 Years and Counting campaign:

Aideen Barry, Claire Caffrey, Zoe Comyns, Catherine Cotter, Sheila de Courcy, Carol Fawsitt, Aideen Howard, Aideen McCole, Mary McCole, Dorothy Morrissey, Cynthia Ó Dúnlaing.

The Ark would also like to thank our individual donors who wish to remain anonymous.