Events - Archive: December 2013

26 Nov - 19 Dec
Annabelle’s Star (schools)

A wonderful and thought-provoking Christmas outing with a difference for your school group.

26 Nov - 29 Dec
Annabelle’s Star

A beautiful show for children aged 4-8. Make Annabelle's Star your festive family treat this Christmas.

27 Nov - 12 Dec
From Earth to the Stars Workshops (schools)

A journey into space through words, images and paint for 3rd-6th classes.

29 Nov - 20 Dec
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Early years music workshops.

30 Nov - 21 Dec
From Earth to the Stars Workshops

Join artist Orla Kelly for a creative journey from the earth’s surface into outer space.

30 Nov - 21 Dec
Sun, Moon and Stars

Early years art workshops for 2-3 year olds.

30 Nov - 29 Dec
The Cosmic Corner

Get creative in our basement hang-out space.

6 Dec
Exploring the Night Sky

A lively and interactive talk for anyone who wants to learn more about astronomy and space.