Events - Archive: February 2016

6 Feb - 12 Mar
Early Years Workshop: Beatrice the Busy Bee

Artist Paula Henihan delivers gentle, creative workshops for Ages 2-4 based on an engaging story about Beatrice the Bee and her busy bee friends.

6 Feb
Be a Bee Hero! Inside the Junior Pollinator Plan…

To stop bees disappearing from Ireland we need your help. We need you to tell everyone how important bees are and make your school and garden a safe place for bees to live. For Ages 6+. Part of Bee Day!

6 Feb
Family Talk: Keeping Bees in the City

Across Ireland, people living in towns and cities are discovering the joys of beekeeping. It is a great way to connect to the natural world AND helping to support an ailing bee population. A Bee Day talk for Ages 6+

6 Feb
To Bee or not To Bee Drama Workshop

Join Marie Ruane (one of the stars of BEES! A Musical) & Lindsey Kirby for a jam packed, fun-filled bee-tastic drama workshop for Ages 5-7 or 8-10. Part of Bee Day!

13 Feb - 13 Mar
BEES! A Musical

A musical show for Ages 6+ filled with buzzing and songs, dancing and flying. Oh and you’ll learn lots of important things about bees along the way!