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The Adventures of Pinocchio 23 Mar - 21 Apr 2024

Delve into the classic story of the world's most famous wooden boy with a visit to our gallery of displays exploring the illustrated novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, or take part in a creative visual art workshop.

Discover the adventures of Pinocchio...

A poor carpenter named Geppetto had a single, humble desire: to have a son. One day, he has a great idea and decides to carve a wooden puppet that, to his surprise comes to life.

As soon as he can walk the puppet runs out the door and into the town where he is almost immediately cast into a series of extraordinary adventures.

His name? Pinocchio.

Featuring an array of fascinating animals, a wise cricket, and, of course, a nose that grows, The Adventures of Pinocchio is one of the world's most beloved children’s books and the subject of our upcoming celebratory visual art programme at The Ark.

Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio has been translated into over 280 languages and dialects and has been the subject of countless films and television series, but our focus here will be on the illustrated book. Our gallery space will be filled with colourful and intriguing displays inspired by the novel. From vintage copies to modern publications, your self-guided visit will take you through Pinocchio’s story. View imaginative interpretations by many different artists and illustrators whose variety of styles, from realistic to very abstract, will make for a fascinating and visually stimulating experience.

Co-curated by Martin Drury and Jole Bortoli (a great fan of Pinocchio since she was two years old), this visual art programme will include a response area for children to create their own versions of Pinocchio, along with visual art workshops for the public and school groups.

Download our Free Activity Pack

Children can get creative at home or in school with our free downloadable Activity Pack, created by artist Jole Bortoli. Suitable for children aged 5-12, this pack will give you simple instructions to make your own Pinocchio story book and invent your own characters.

Download it from the link below: