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Annabelle’s Star (schools) 26 Nov - 19 Dec 2013

A wonderful and thought-provoking Christmas outing with a difference for your school group.

Annabelle’s Star follows the plight of Annabelle, a small girl who is all alone in the world. Two golden stars appear to guide her on a magical journey filled with love and wonder, as she discovers that her greatest gift was with her all along.

Set to beautiful original music, Annabelle’s Star is a story of loss and acceptance, fall and recovery, despair and hope. The show has been produced with great success twice before at The Ark and each time we have been struck at the children’s response to it. Because Annabelle is voiceless, the audience seems to speak for her, encouraging her on her journey of discovery and celebrating her success. While doing so, we believe that young children reflect on their own loss and success - finding empathy in Annabelle’s story.

To complement the show, we have also prepared a classroom resource pack for teachers. This includes detailed insight into the show from its Director and Co-writer Raymond Keane and related classroom drama exercises by The Ark’s Theatre Programmer Maria Fleming, to help your class prepare for and reflect on the show. We have also included a step-by-step guide to craft a star Christmas tree decoration.

Download the Annabelle's Star Classroom Guide