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Noisy Neighbours 3 - 11 Apr 2021

Enjoy this delightful series of music films from BIG BANG TV, Belgium. Watch and listen as children take charge of the musical sounds they can hear coming through the walls from their neighbours in surprising ways!

A skyscraper somewhere in a city, somewhere in a country. Children live here on their own and all of their neighbours are musicians.

You might not expect it, but these children do exactly what other children do: brush their teeth, wash their hands, eat their sandwiches and don't forget to pee. Except that when they do their everyday activities, they also control the rhythms and music of their neighbours. When they switch on a light, the trumpeter plays. When they iron their clothes, the double bass player's bow moves too. The children whisper notes through the walls, compose music by turning the lights on or off, or conduct the sounds of their neighbours by eating chocolate mousse. This is a magical and surreal world where every day has its own score.

From the crazy HOP FROG Fanfare, via snatches of Henry Purcell, over the Congolese-Senegalese rhythms and sounds of Duo SECO, to the rousing virtuoso jazz of De Beren Gieren - take a look inside this remarkable skyscraper full of musical discoveries!

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In celebration of The Ark’s online adventurous music festival, BIG BANG bubble, we have created free festival kits full of music inspired activities for children and families to download and enjoy at home – before, during and after the festival.

Big Bang 2021

Part of BIG BANG bubble

BIG BANG is an exciting international music festival for young audiences. Following the cancellation of the 2020 BIG BANG Dublin! festival, this year it returns as BIG BANG bubble, an interactive online festival connecting adventurous young audiences through music with artists from Ireland and abroad. Sat 3rd to Mon 5th April. See the full festival programme here.