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Children’s Crafts Club 25 - 26 Jan 2014

Drop-in crafts club for children aged 4+. Part of Temple Bar Tradfest.

This year our Temple Bar Tradfest children’s crafts club will take inspiration from The Battle of Clontarf and the Book of Kells. Travel back in time and try your hand at crafting a mini metal shield, make your own illuminated scroll using calligraphy and print techniques or become a High King or Queen for the day by making your own crown/headpiece using a variety of materials. With craft artists Sabrina Meyns, Deirdre Rogers and Caroline Ryan.

Presented in partnership with the Crafts Council of Ireland.

The first session is at 12pm and is running every 45 minutes (session is 30mins) and places are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Places will be available from 11am.


Jewellery designer and papermaker Sabrina Meyns will work with children to design and craft their own inventive and unique mini-shelds. Exploring simple metalworking techniques similar to those used by our Celtic ancestors, Sabrina will focus on experimenting with pointillé, a decorating style formed by a pattern of dots punched into the surface, as well as embossing which involves raising a design on a metal plate from the inside so that the design appears in relief.

Option 2: CROWN MAKING - MIXED MEDIA (Best for younger children)

Textile and Print artist Caroline Ryan will lead this exciting crown making session, that will give children the chance to become a High King or Queen for the day by creating their own unique crown/headpiece, just like Brian Boro would have worn. Children can choose from a variety of mixed media materials to form and embellish their magnificent crowns.


Glass artist Deirdre Rogers will lead an exciting printing and calligraphy session where children will create their own mini scroll inspired by the art of manuscript illumination of the 1014 era. Using their initials as the focus of their scroll, the children will try block printing and calligraphy style drawing and writing techniques to create a precious scroll to treasure.