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Creative Writing in the Differentiated Classroom 3 - 7 Jul 2017

This inspiring course aims to empower teachers to approach creative writing in the English curriculum with a greater self-confidence and expertise. Published writer, poet and primary school teacher Nell Regan will deliver course content that will develop and enhance your skills, helping you to build a resource of new ideas and approaches to literacy that is focussed on directly improving pupils’ learning outcomes.

This is a five day Department of Education and Skills and EPV-approved summer course for teachers.

By the end of the course teachers can be expected to have gained:

  • Experience of a range of practical creative methods to link with national priorities around literacy
  • An in-depth understanding of the role and possibilities of creative writing in developing literacy skills including the skills of children with special needs as well as those over the 10th percentile.
  • A variety of new strategies and skills which they will be able to use in the classroom and resource room and share with colleagues.
  • You will be able to continue to develop your expertise in this area throughout the school year with the range of resources (web based and other) that you will be introduced to.
  • You will have been supported to become a leader in creative writing in your school, equipped with the experience and understanding of how to successfully implement creative writing activities with students.
  • You will see the power of creative group processes to develop a positive learning environment in the classroom and thus contributing to improved learning across the curriculum.
  • You will be provided with support materials and information about on-line resources and software useful for literacy in terms of ICT in the classroom.

Throughout the course, effective reflective and evaluative practises will be applied, giving you increased ability to reflect with awareness on individual, group and school performance in the area of creative writing and be able to set achievable goals for yourself and your classes/schools.