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Music Installations: Cups, Cutlery & Sunlight (IE) 1 - 2 Apr 2023

Discover three fun and quirky electronic sound installations by composer Jonathan Nangle.

Children and grown-ups will be equally intrigued and delighted. Come on down to look, listen and play ... you know you want to!

Trip the Light Fantastic

Discover how light can make delicate music using energy gathered by solar cells. Trip the Light Fantastic is an installation that uses energy from the sun, gathered and stored in circuitry and used to trigger hammers that strike bells (which are in fact different sized kitchen mixing bowls!). The piece relies on natural light to create an ever-shifting soundscape of bell-like music.

Trip the Light Fantastic was originally commissioned by Contemporary Music Centre.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

This installation may look like a traditional tea party, but this is a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, where cups, saucers, cutlery and crockery come to life to create music! There are motorised elements which allow drumsticks to move by themselves, bringing the whole installation to life with music!

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is commissioned by The Ark.

Take a look at Mad Hatter's Tea Party below. Voiced by Children's Council member Eloise Tracey.


Part of BIG BANG Dublin!

Thu 30 March to Sun 2 April 2023
Ireland's only international music festival for young audiences returns for what promises to be the biggest bang yet! An adventurous celebration of music of all kinds, BIG BANG Dublin! encourages curiosity and musical discovery with outstanding music performances and intriguing installations from Ireland and abroad. Keep an eye out for the full festival programme coming soon!