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Early Years Workshops: Bang! Yum! Wow! 1 - 2 Mar 2024

Little ones aged 2-4 can discover new and amusing words and sounds in these fun workshops with French children's writer Juliette Saumande.

‘Meow’ goes the cat, ‘moo’ goes the cow, ‘yum' goes your happy tummy, but... what does the giraffe say? Join Juliette to explore the funny world of sounds and make your very own LOUD book.

Put on your listening ears and join in the noisy wordy fun!

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About Juliette Saumande

Juliette is a French writer and translator of children’s books, with over 50 titles to her name including My Little Album of Dublin and My Little Album of Ireland (with Tarsila Krüse and The O’Brien Press). A Book Doctor, Creative Associate for Creative Schools and creative writing teacher, Juliette is at heart a professional bookworm who loves using words, stories and books to help kids (re)discover and grow their creativity.