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Early Years Workshops: Little Droplets 14 - 15 Apr 2023

In this visual art workshop for children aged 2-4 and their grown-ups, artist Jane Groves invites little ones to investigate the microscopic worlds under the water’s surface and create aquatic landscapes.

Deep dive into the ocean for some watery explorations and meet some interesting sea creatures along the way, they may have scales, they may have tentacles or even tails! This trip will take you on visual and tactile journey into the sea to make and create your own fantastical seascapes.

Come join us and make a splash!

About the Artist

Jane Groves

Jane Groves is a visual artist whose work is embedded in meaningful process-driven engagement and site-specific installation. Her work encompasses a variety of methodologies from silversmithing and metalwork to printing and fabric design and she curates spaces and creates work intended to be viewed in context.

Jane loves to connect people, places, and landscapes and specialises in working with young people, inspired by her own observations of nature and informed in part by many children’s lack of interaction with and vocabulary about the natural world. Jane delights in bringing her spark to very young children and their families, listening carefully and delighting in the creative response, encouraging passion, playfulness, and curiosity. Jane has worked extensively with children and communities through working with The Ark, Dublin City Council, Creativity In The Classroom , The Craft and Design Council, DLR, and many more.