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Francis Footwork 22 - 30 Apr 2022

Once upon a dance floor…. in a kingdom not so far away, lived Francis Footwork.

“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.
Colonel Headbanger doesn’t like dreams as they can give people ideas.
People with ideas can be dangerous.”

Now Francis Footwork is no ordinary girl – she is an extraordinary dancer. When kind-hearted King Two Lefties ascends to the throne, he is tricked by trusted adviser Colonel Headbanger to rule the land with an iron fist. He wants to end all dancing. So Francis teaches him a dance lesson he will never forget!

The Ark welcomes CoisCéim Dance Theatre, the company that brought us the international, award-winning hit THE WOLF AND PETER and now brings a magical, empowering new tale from David Bolger that celebrates individuality and encourages everyone to dance their own dance.

Dedicated to Emma O'Kane

Emma O'Kane was a core member and part of the fabric of CoisCéim for over 20 years. The premiere of production of Francis Footwork was her last collaboration with the company before her untimely death in early 2021. CoisCéim is a founding partner of the Emma O'Kane Bursary and it is proudly supported by The Ark. Find out more at

About CoisCéim Dance Theatre

CoisCéim Dance Theatre is one of Ireland’s leading dance companies known for its expertise and track record in presenting highly original work to audiences large and small across artforms and media. Led by David Bolger, a member of Aosdána, their work is benchmarked with the best in the world and celebrated for its artistic excellence. It challenges, stimulates, inspires and entertains - seen on international stages including 14-18NOW & LIFT (UK), Peak Performances, Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival (USA), Sydney Opera House and Venice Biennale. In tandem with the performance programme the company conducts an integrated, inventive artform awareness and participation initiative: Broadreach. Established in 2006, its activities are pioneering, targeting all sections of the population in an exciting and innovative manner to create a genuine curiosity in dance. CoisCéim is proud to be funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and supported by Dublin City Council and Culture Ireland. Find out more at