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From Earth to the Stars Workshops (schools) 27 Nov - 12 Dec 2013

A journey into space through words, images and paint for 3rd-6th classes.

Each layer of the earth’s atmosphere has interesting secrets to tell and some beautiful paintings to tell them. In a workshop that links art and culture with the living history of space, artist Orla Kelly will take your class on a journey from the earth’s surface, through its atmospheric layers and into outer space.

Using examples from art history through the ages, from ancient Egypt to artists like Michelangelo, Constable, Munch and Van Gough, your class will look at how paint has been used to depict weather systems, the northern lights, the moon, stars and other elements of the atmosphere.

Working as a group on large-format paper, Orla will guide the children through experiments with pigments and mark-making techniques to achieve appropriate visual effects for each of the earth’s atmospheric layers.

Afterwards the children will move to individual work spaces to depict their own element using their choice of regular paint, inks, chalk or powder paint using any of the techniques they have learnt.

Curricular links

Attending this workshop with your class will cover may of the key elements in the Visual Arts curriculum including: painting, drawing, awareness of colour, tone, texture and pattern, and looking and responding. The workshop is also relevant to the natural environments section of the Geography curriculum, particularly: understanding the earth’s position in the solar system, weather, climate and atmosphere.