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Grass Films 24 May - 1 Jun 2021

Explore the ground and all its wriggling inhabitants in this double bill of quirky dance films for young audiences as part of Dublin Dance Festival.

Explore the world beneath your feet!

Look down. What are you standing on? Discover the ground and all its wriggling inhabitants in this double bill of quirky dance films.

Shot in the great outdoors, both films celebrate the magic of the natural world - rolling in long grass, finding spiders in the park and the warm feeling of the sun on your face. Sunny Days and Insect Hands will inspire you to really look at the world around you, and to get moving, get outside and play.

Sunny Days: Feel, hear and smell the world around you. Roll in the long grass, scrunch it beneath your fingers and take a long deep breath. Sunny Days captures the magic of being free, of moving with abandon, and playing in the outdoors. A dance film for little explorers.

Insect Hands: How many insects can you spot? Join Takeshi and his animated minibeast friends for a dance in the great outdoors. A dance that invites you to look a little more closely at the world around you. Springtime blooms, tickly toes and scrunchy leaves will make you want to get outside, move around and play.

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Enhance Your Experience

Grass Films Family Workshops - Join Second Hand Dance for a fun dance workshop inspired by the Grass Films. Learn some of the moves from Sunny Days and Insect Hands, and create your own Insect Hands dance! Booking is essential as places are limited.

A series of sensory films, offering an additional way to explore the films is available for children who explore the world in a sensory way, will also be available.

Download the Grass Films Family Packs

These family packs are perfect to accompany a viewing of the Grass Films. They contain sensory dance ideas for you to explore. You can do these activities inside or outside - it would be perfect if you can find a patch of grass to explore on!