Interactive Installations: Music, Movement & Light
10 Jun - 25 Jun 2017
Interactive Installations: Music, Movement & Light

Free Entry! Discover fascinating and quirky electronic sound installations by composer Jonathan Nangle:

  • Trip the Light Fantastic: Discover how light can make delicate music using energy gathered by solar cells. Trip the Light Fantastic is an installation that uses energy from the sun, gathered and stored in circuitry and used to trigger hammers striking bells. The piece relies on natural light to create an ever-shifting soundscape of bell like music.
  • Quintet: Have you ever wondered what it is like to be one of the musicians onstage, right in the mix of things, listening and reacting to the players around you? Quintet is an interactive sound installation that allows you to do just that! 
    Want to know what the TUBA player is doing? – Then take their seat!
    Want to hear how the FRENCH HORN interacts with the two TRUMPET players? Well then rustle up two friends and find out!
  • Breathe: The breath is an important part of playing many musical instruments such as the flute or the trumpet as well as the singing voice. This installation is made from 12 motors, propellers and plastic bags. It also uses a special type of electronic circuit board called an Arduino. Putting all these together creates moving rhythmic patterns made by maths and the air.

Children and grown-ups will be equally intrigued and delighted. Come on down to look, listen and play ... you know you want to!

Trip the Light Fantastic originally commissioned by Contemporary Music Centre.

Quintet features a recorded performance by musicians from the Royal Irish Academy of Music

Breathe was funded through the Creative Labs series at the 2013 New Music Dublin Festival. With thanks to David Collier for his assistance in programming the Arduino.

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Sat 10 June @ 2pm-2.30pm
Come along and say hello to Jonathan Nangle, the creator of the installations and ask him any questions that you have about them or how they were made.