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Science Week Workshops: Inventive Ears 11 - 12 Nov 2023

Explore how sound works and why we make music in this hands-on workshop for children aged 7+ with instrument builder and sound artist Ed Devane.

Using a newly commissioned installation made by Ed as a backdrop and inspiration, various aspects of sound and music will be intuitively investigated and made into creative elements for mini improvised musical performances. From frequency, duration, timbre and shape to rhythm, amplification, vibration and harmony, discover the building blocks of sounds and see what you can make from them.

Ed's new installation will be on display as part of our free, drop-in Science Week exhibition, The Sound of Light, along with other fascinating artworks exploring sound, light and physics. Find out more here.

Ed Devane 600

About Ed Devane

Ed is an Irish multidisciplinary artist working primarily with sound. His work encompasses electronic music production, musical instrument design and manufacture, educational workshop facilitation and interactive sound installation. Ed is a member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and has been funded by the Irish Arts Council, Culture Ireland and Limerick City of Culture Visual Arts Legacy Program.