Life on Mars - Let’s make a Habitat!
17 Nov 2018
Life on Mars - Let’s make a Habitat!

What do humans need to stay alive and work efficiently on Earth? How could we meet these needs in space? Find out in these fun, science-based workshops for ages 10-12 with Dr Niamh Shaw. Part of Science Week 2018

This creative workshop will get you designing and building your own space habitat on either the moon or Mars, where you will

  • Review Martian habitats and what mankind has learned so far in living off-earth!
  • Consider what humans need to survive in space?
  • Design a planetary habitat for at least two people building a model out of different materials
  • Learn about existing Martian habitats on Earth and what we have learned from them, including Niamh's Mars missions to Utah and the Negev desert.

Combining creativity with space themes, this is a fun learning experience where you will gain an understanding of gravity, human requirements for life and how will have to live off-earth in the future.

Please note: These workshops will take place in Dublin City Council's Wood Quay Venue, behind the civic offices on Wood Quay, Dublin 8. 

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