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Museum of Languages Schools Workshops Programme  8 - 9 Nov 2022

Join artist Jole Bortoli in this imaginative visual arts workshops exploring languages, symbols and numbers.

Languages often come with different sounds and accents! They can also look very different from one from another once printed or written down. Some alphabets are beautiful to look at and inspire artists from different cultures to play with them. They may even invent new languages for their work!

Through a mixture of letter printing, stencil drawing and collage the children will design a colourful poster made up of different words and symbols drawn from different languages but also from made up ones. The session will also involve a warm up where your class may even invent a whole new alphabet!

Curriculum Links

This workshop will link with the visual arts curriculum. Students are encouraged to look at and respond to the Museum of Interactive Languages Museum exhibition. The workshop explores language, symbols, numbers, line and colour in a creative way. Students will design a poster combining letter printing, stencil drawing and collage.