ON DEMAND FOR SCHOOLS - The Making of Mollie 17 Apr - 31 Jul 2024

Bring 1912 Dublin straight to your classroom as you stream The Making of Mollie for FREE this term! The Ark presents a bold new adaption for children aged 8+ by author Anna Carey of her first historical novel.

In 1912 Dublin, 14-year-old Mollie Carberry’s life is pretty boring. That is, until she discovers that her older sister Phyllis is a secret suffragette! Mollie starts to realise just how unfair the world can be - and she wants to do something about it. When Mollie and her friend Nora get involved in the movement, they must face an important question: just how far should a girl go for her beliefs?

This charming and witty new play invites you to step into a very different time and join Mollie as she begins her journey to find her place in the world.

Filmed this year following a successful run of in-person shows at The Ark, we are delighted to be offering schools the opportunity to stream the show on-demand into your classroom no matter where you live as part of our Live From The Ark programme.

Take a look at the trailer:

Curricular Links

Perfect for 2nd-6th Class, The Making of Mollie links in with the History and SPHE strand units of the curriculum.

A free downloadable activity pack is available. In line with the themes of the show, children are encouraged to think about if they have something important to say, or something they believe in that they want to stand up for? The suffragettes often used banners and flags to share their message during marches and protests. Why not design your own posters, flags or banners!