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ON DEMAND FOR SCHOOLS - Wires, Strings & Other Things (IE) 6 - 31 Mar 2023

Watch Wires, Strings & Other Things conceived and created by Brian Irvine and Wouter Van Looy.

Meet Ed, Andreea and James, three totally different people with one thing in common – they are crazy about music and sound.

Ed can usually be found in a corner, building unusual electronic instruments, tinkering with his own world of sound. Andreea plays the viola beautifully and reads complicated sheets of music as if they were fairy tales. And James? Well, James wanders a labyrinth of sound like an explorer, connecting and disrupting with his bass clarinet as he goes.

Anything can happen as they find each other and start to invent music together. What stories will they share when, with your help, they explore the magic and mystery of how to compose, perform and improvise?

Wires, Strings & Other Things, is a music performance that encourages you to always be curious. To listen, respond to, and communicate through the sounds, music and stories that are all around you – wherever you are and whoever you are with.

We are delighted to be offering schools the opportunity to stream the show on-demand into your classroom no matter where you live as part of our Live From The Ark programme. Wires, Strings & Other Things was filmed in 2022 with support from Rethink Ireland and the Department of Education, as well as funds raised through donations to our #ARK25 Opportunities Fund.’

Curricular Links

Perfect for all primary school classes, Wires, Strings and Other Things links in with the Listening and Responding strand units of the Music curriculum. It fosters a sense of excellence in and appreciation of new music. Through storytelling and composing, this show encourages an awareness and sensitivity to the inter-related elements of music and musical understanding. Experiencing this live music performance means children will see and hear outstanding musicians performing brand new music on a range of instruments including the viola, bass clarinet and improvised musical instruments made from a variety of objects.

A free downloadable classroom pack is available in both English and as Gaeilge which provides a range of accessible music activities and creative approaches connected to the theme and songs of the show. The activities will encourage music-making projects in the classroom and support imaginative music responses to the performance which are relevant to the composing and performing music curriculum strands.


Part of BIG BANG Dublin!

Thu 30 March to Sun 2 April 2023
Ireland's only international music festival for young audiences returns for what promises to be the biggest bang yet! An adventurous celebration of music of all kinds, BIG BANG Dublin! encourages curiosity and musical discovery with outstanding music performances and intriguing installations from Ireland and abroad.