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Schools Online Workshops: Our Wild World 12 Nov 2021

This Science Week, join us from your classroom as wildlife expert Éanna Ní Lamhna takes us on a tour of all things to do with our wonderful natural world inspired by her latest book Our Wild World.

From a celebration of our fascinating birds and bees, and their powers of migration and pollination, to the thorny challenges of our time, such as climate change, sustainability and our carbon footprint. Éanna's mantra is that learning about our wild world is lifelong necessary knowledge for our survival – and we need to open our eyes and our minds to the challenges that face us and our world into the future. The key is to find the balance between our needs and wants and the future of our precious planet and all its inhabitants.

Together with artist and illustrator Duffy Mooney-Sheppard they will deliver a fascinating science-art workshop in partnership with Dublin Book Festival. Children will be enthralled to learn and discuss questions such as: Who wants spiders in their house? What use are wasps anyway? What happened to the hole in the ozone? Then guided by Duffy they will enjoy a series of creative drawing responses to these questions and topics.

Suitable for 4th-6th Class.

Curricular Links

Themes in this workshop tie into elements across the SESE curricula exploring strands such as human and natural environments as well as environmental awareness and care. These workshops will also link into the drawing, looking & responding strands of the Visual Arts curriculum.

Requirements for Participation

For safety reasons, a teacher must be present in the room throughout the workshop and be available to assist the children as needed.

  • A computer/laptop with internet access
  • A digital whiteboard (or alternatively a white wall or screen and projector).
  • Speakers
  • To ensure a smooth and successful workshop, The Ark staff will also need to arrange an advance preparation phone call with the class teacher.

Materials required:

  • Some paper and some items to draw with such as pencils, pens, crayons or markers.
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glue stick (such as Pritt Stick)

Online platform: The workshop will be delivered using the Zoom video call software. This will be a private Zoom session which will only be accessed by the teacher whose class is booked into the workshop, the artists and The Ark's staff. The session will be recorded for the safety and security of all participants, however this recording will not be shared publicly and will be deleted within 30 days.

About the Artists

Éanna Ní Lamhna:
Éanna Ní Lamhna has a degree in Botany and Microbiology and a HDip in Education from UCD. She is a long-standing member of the panel of experts on RTÉ’s wildlife programme ‘Mooney goes Wild’, and one of the most instantly recognisable voices on Irish radio. Originally from Louth, she now lives in Dublin, since 1967, and has been president of An Taisce since July 2004. Éanna is also the author of several other popular wildlife books. Her books Talking Wild (2002), Wild and Wonderful (2004) and Straight Talking Wild (2006) were published by Townhouse.

About Duffy Mooney-Sheppard:
Duffy is a visual artist, illustrator, arts programme curator and workshop facilitator. A recent graduate of the MA Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Arts, she is drawn to the process of story-making as a way to explore ideas and share her curiosity about the natural world. With many years of experience working creatively with young people at The Ark and many other cultural institutions and schools, she has developed her facilitation methods which are based in playful observation, imagination and telling tall tales. In 2020 in response to the COVID-19 crisis, she founded Little Islands Art Club, an online art groups for children and adults. Find out more at: