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Plock! 24 - 25 Feb 2023

Join Camiel the acrobatic painter as he twists, jumps, and rolls in paint in an attempt to recreate a Jackson Pollock masterpiece, or maybe, just have some fun! Part of Right Here Right Now! The Ark's Festival of Children

Plock! is a journey through creative expression and immersive creativity which begins from the moment that the audience will don their painters' overalls as they head into the theatre!

Acrobatic painter Camiel tries to copy the painting of his hero Jackson Pollock. But how can he make the right blot on the right spot? Should he drip, throw, pour or splash the paint? Does he need to work with brushes or sticks or entire containers?

He uses all of his body parts, but no matter how he turns, twists, jumps, or rolls: his painting does not resemble the original. 

Plock! is visual circus-soundtheatre that appeals to all the senses with buzzing cans, dancing paint, coloured sounds, and an acrobatic painter. 

A performance for everyone who likes to colour outside the lines every now and then.

With support of: De Vlaamse Overheid, Stad Gent, Via Zuid, Aifoon 
Made possible by: De Grote Post, Dommelhof, Circuscentrum, De Kopergietery, De Kriekelaar