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Rock, Paper, Scissors: Drop-in Creative Zones 2 Jul - 20 Aug 2022

Discover the mysterious world of materials at our free, drop-in Creative Zones!

Aimed at ages 5 to 12yrs, but the whole family is welcome to get involved!

Drop in to The Ark’s beautiful Long Room space to create unique, collaborative artworks from fabric, wood, paper or plastic. Members of our creative team will be on-hand to guide and encourage visitors to play and experiment with the different materials and their unique possibilities.

The collaborative artworks created will temporarily become part of The Ark’s Summer Rock, Paper, Scissors exhibition, on view for other visitors to enjoy.

Children and their families are also invited to spend time in our exhibition response area to create more individual work such as drawing and collage, which can be displayed or brought home.

The materials used in our Drop-in Creative Zones will vary from week to week.
See the schedule below for details.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Fabric

Patchwork of You!
Sat 9 & Tues 12 – Sat 16 July

Help produce an amazing collaborative patchwork quilt using fabric paint, stamps, fabric pens, stitch and applique to create unique patterns or stories on individual fabric patches. As the week goes on all the patches will be sewn together growing into a wonderful colourful collaborative quilt to fill the wall of the Long Room.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Wood

Forms and Forts!
Tues 19 – Sat 23 July & Tues 9 – Sat 13 August

Play with wood and card and their shadows and reflections to create interesting shapes and majestic sculptures. Work by yourself or collaboratively to help us fill the Long Room space with unique forms and forts.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Plastic

Wiggly String!
Tues 26 – Sat 30 July

Make and play with inflatable plastic ‘string’ which will fill the Long Room space in a series of complicated knots and tangles. Wobbly string is made by heat-sealing (ironing) and inflating (with hairdryers) super long strips of clear plastic. Come along and help us to inflate, deflate, untangle and re-tangle ourselves from the bouncy, floaty, wobbly, wiggly string that has taken over the gallery.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Paper

Growing Paper Sculptures!
Tues 2 – Sat 6 August

Fold, pleat, rip, twist, curl and scrunch different papers to create sculptural forms. Add to other visitors’ sculptures allowing our collaborative paper art to grow up walls, fly across the room, and the exhibition space with texture and form!


We plan, as far as possible, for each material to be re-used, as well as reinvented, across the entire summer programme, dramatically minimising our use and waste of creative materials and resources.