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Rock, Paper, Scissors: Early Years Workshops 14 Jul - 11 Aug 2022

Rock Paper Scissors is a participatory art programme that is all about playing, experimenting and creating with different materials.

Come and be inspired by how the artists in our exhibition have experimented with their favourite material to create unique and spectacular art.

Magic Blanket

Join dance artist Monica Munoz to create magical, wildly adventurous stories through movement and dance to all kinds of brilliant music.

The fabric of Monica’s blanket will help littles ones to dance, play and connect in unexpected ways. After all, a blanket it's not JUST a blanket. The power of our imagination is big! Together we will see what other objects it can become and discover how we can move with them while having fun.

No Red, Yellow or Blue! What are we going to do?

Join Joanna Parkes for an interactive drama and story workshop that’s all about the beauty of colour and light.

Red, yellow and blue have had a fight. Each colour thinks they are the most important. “Everyone loves a blue sky” says blue, “well, people always smile when the sun comes out’ says yellow, “but red is the colour of love,” says red, “and what could be more important than that!”

The three colours march off in a huff but without these three colours we can’t make green or orange or purple – what are we going to do? Live in a land with no colour?

Join in and see if we can help the colours sort out their disagreement and bring back a kaleidoscope of colours!