Rock, Paper, Scissors: Summer Holidays Programme 25 Jun - 20 Aug 2022

Discover the mysterious world of materials at our free, drop-in summer exhibition and participatory art programme.

Rock, Paper, Scissors is all about playing, experimenting and creating with different materials.

Come and be inspired by how the artists in our exhibition have worked with their favourite material to create unique and spectacular art. Then try your own playful experiments in our drop-in creative zones.

It’s free to join in!


Did you know that materials have their own rules? Different materials can create some amazing things, but refuse to do others! Our Rock, Paper, Scissors exhibition features beautiful artworks by three very different artists who have three very different material fascinations:

  • Helen Mac Mahon adores light that bends, bounces and shimmers.
  • Jonathan Nangle loves sound that tinkles, beats, and blasts.
  • Róisín de Buitléar is mad about glass that melts, blobs and shatters.

Artists often become fascinated by an individual material in this way, getting to know it by playing with (and often breaking) the rules that a material makes.

Response Area

Children and their families are also invited to spend time in our exhibition response area to create more individual work such as drawing and collage, which can be displayed or brought home.

Drop-in Creative Zones

Aimed at ages 5 to 12yrs, but the whole family is welcome to get involved!

Drop in to The Ark’s beautiful Long Room space to create unique, collaborative artworks from fabric, wood, paper or plastic. Members of our creative team will be on-hand to guide and encourage visitors to play and experiment with the different materials and their unique possibilities.

The materials used in our Drop-in Creative Zones will vary from week to week. To view the schedule for the drop-in Creative Zones click here.


We plan, as far as possible, for each material to be re-used, as well as reinvented, across the entire summer programme, dramatically minimising our use and waste of creative materials and resources.