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Schools: Chemical Composition - Making Music with H2O 13 - 14 Nov 2018

Composer Nick Roth will visit your school to lead children in examining the chemical composition of water through music. For 1st-3rd or 4th-6th Classes. Part of Science Week 2018.

Using the molecular formula (H2O) as the basis for the workshop, children will be guided in creating sounds to represent the unique energy levels of the atoms of Hydrogen and Oxygen. They will combine these chosen sounds to create musical chords and simple melodies which will form the basis of a group water-based music composition.

The workshop will include singing, movement and musical instruments as well as various water-based sound activities e.g. differing water quantities in bottles/glasses, hydrophones (microphones designed for underwater recording) and water percussion. In this way, the physics of sound and how it behaves differently in both air and water will also be explored. Children will learn through doing, how both water and sound are formed, and how they interact with each other. Learning outcomes will include an understanding of the chemical composition of water, the formation of atoms and molecules, and how frequency and sound waves interact in different environments.

This workshop will require easy access to sinks/water.

Curricular Links...

In these highly interactive and participative music workshops, the Music Curriculum strands of Composing as well as Performing are widely explored. There will also be lots of opportunity for Listening and Responding and imaginatively exploring a range of sounds using water.

In addition, all of these workshops support teachers and children in learning and exploring across the new national priority of STEM as the content draws on areas of the Science curriculum in particular. Children will be guided to use observation, investigation, measuring and learning about atoms and frequencies. Through this process they will also develop specific STEM related vocabulary alongside imaginative language development and ability to apply STEM learning in creative ways.

About Nick Roth...

Nick Roth is a saxophonist, composer, producer and educator.

His work explores the liberation of improvisation from composition, the impact of natural forms on technology and the contemporary interpretation of traditional music.

A fascination with emergent cycle and structure provoked ongoing conversations with scientists and research institutions across the interweaving disciplines of mathematical biology, forest canopy ecology, marine geology and hydrology.

Simultaneously, a curious predisposition and a steadfast refusal to accept the existence of boundaries between the real and the imaginary has led to collaborations with an array of international performers, composers, choreographers, directors, visual artists, festivals, poets and ensembles.

Nick is artistic director of Yurodny, a founding member of the Water Project and a partner at Diatribe Records, Ireland’s leading independent record label for new music.