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CANCELLED: Fly Me To The Moon: Schools Workshops 25 Feb - 20 Mar 2020

Bring your class on an interstellar adventure in these visual art workshops exploring the wonders of the galaxies with Jole Bortoli.

Nothing sparks a child’s imagination quite like the unlimited possibilities of our infinite universe. Before participating in one of our Fly Me To The Moon workshops, your class will be brought on the artistic grand tour of our gallery space, which will be filled with displays exploring early astronomy, vintage sci-fi toys and publications, modern and contemporary space-related artwork.

Then, artist Jole Bortoli will facilitate a fun and practical visual art workshop that will allow children to explore and create their own out-of-this-world artwork through painting, drawing and 3D modelling.

There is a choice of two space-related workshop themes, depending on your class level:

  • A Zoo in the Sky Junior Infants - 2nd class
    Artists throughout the ages have been representing the stars and constellations in very imaginative and playful ways. Could you do the same? In this workshop, your class will explore the magic of the night sky through drawing, painting and mixed media.
  • The Universe in a Box 3rd - 6th class
    Working in small groups, the class will design the contents of a box dedicated to a specific planet in the solar system or beyond, and draw maps, make 3D models and paint pictures inspired by seeing some of our wonderful interstellar installations and astronomical artworks.

For more information on our Fly Me To The Moon visual art programme, click here.

About Jole Bortoli

Jole has extensive experience in working with children, and with adults who work with children, through the arts. As well as her work at The Ark, Jole has art-directed the interior design of children-centred spaces such as the A&E Department in Temple Street Children’s Hospital and the Office for the Ombudsman for Children.

Jole is also the founder of Art to Heart, an organisation that provides art courses for children and adults in educational, community and art settings. She is currently working in Dublin and the Burren, Co. Clare, and every week she leads workshops for children and adults. In Dublin she regularly works with The Ark as artist-facilitator in visual art programmes and also with the Sanctuary, a spirituality Centre in the heart of Dublin city, where she is collaborating in their Youth Programme.

In the Burren, Co. Clare, she runs workshops every fortnight and every summer she holds several weeks of training in her workshop. In the last couple of years, Jole has started to illustrate and write her own stories, which she self-publishes. Her first book, Iria ,was launched in April 2010 and she’s now working on her second.