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Moving to Earth: Online Workshops for Schools 10 - 13 Nov 2020

Get inspired with these online visual art workshops which turn our ideas of ‘moving to Mars’ on their head. Why colonise another planet when we have the perfect one right here?

These visual art workshops will use science, art and design to prompt children to consider solutions that support our future environment, health and quality of life.

The workshops will focus on the relationship between art and science and how we can deliver solutions using creative and original approaches. Using our imaginations, creativity and a range of mixed materials artist Jole Bartoli will engage students in exploring ideas and designing ways we might improve life on Earth.

For inspiration children will be introduced to artists and designers who have collaborated with scientists to produce artwork that make us reflect about our place in the natural world, the relationship between nature and technology, and about the choices we make.  

These workshops will take place online using video conferencing software in the classroom. The Ark will further facilitate the online delivery mode and ensure inclusivity by making and posting out inspiring packs of materials to the schools so that participants can engage fully with the workshop from their classroom.

Requirements for Participation:

For safety reasons, a teacher must be present in the room throughout the workshop and be available to assist the children as needed.

  • A computer/laptop with internet access for Zoom
  • A digital whiteboard (or alternatively a white wall and projector).
  • Speakers
  • In addition to the materials provided in your class art box, each child will need a ruler, some coloured pencils and markers, a normal drawing pencil, glue stick, a scissors, A4 blank page.
  • To ensure a smooth and successful workshop, The Ark staff and the artist will also need to arrange an advance preparation phone call with the class teacher.

Online platform: The workshop will be delivered using the Zoom video call software. This will be a private Zoom session which will only be accessed by the teacher whose class is booked into the workshop, the artist and The Ark's staff. The session will be recorded for the safety and security of all participants, however this recording will not be shared publicly and will be deleted within 30 days.

Curricular Links

The theme of the workshop draws on aspects of the Science and Geography Curricula in particular. Children will be encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills, investigate materials and consider creative approaches to problem solving. Children will develop the ability to apply STEM learning in creative ways in particular through linkage with the drawing, colour and design strand of the Visual Arts curriculum.