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Pinocchio: School Visual Art Workshops 9 - 19 Apr 2024

Following a visit to The Ark's gallery space to see displays and materials inspired by the novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, this visual arts workshop with Jole Bortoli invites your class to try their hand at their own illustrations inspired by the classic story of the puppet who longed to be a real boy.

Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio has been translated into over 280 languages and dialects, and has been the subject of countless films and television series, but our focus here will be on the illustrated book. From vintage copies to modern publications, our gallery space will be filled with colourful and intriguing displays that will take you through Pinocchio’s story. View imaginative interpretations by many different artists and illustrators whose variety of styles, from realistic to very abstract, will make for a fascinating and visually stimulating experience.

After the children have been introduced to Pinocchio’s story and its main characters in The Ark's gallery, they will then be guided to our top floor where they’ll be welcomed into "Geppetto’s Workshop", full of displays and visual stimulations.

The art session will encourage students to explore and experiment with different illustrative styles and creative solutions including pop-up books, collage and block printing.

Students from Junior Infants to 6th class can continue The Adventures of Pinocchio back in the classroom with our free downloadable Activity Pack, created by artist Jole Bortoli. The pack will give you simple instructions to help children make their own Pinocchio story book and invent their own characters.

Download the Activity Pack from the link below:


About Jole Bortoli

Jole Bortoli is a visual artist, art-facilitator and director of Art to Heart – an art organisation that works with children and adults in art, educational and community settings. Jole regularly curates and leads visual art programmes in The Ark where she also facilitates the Primary Schools Visual Art Curriculum as part of the Department of Education and Skills and EPV-approved summer course for teachers. She has art-directed the interior design of children-centred spaces such as the A&E Department in Temple Street Children’s Hospital and the Office for the Ombudsman for Children. Jole currently works in Dublin and the Burren, Co. Clare and every week she leads workshops for children and adults.