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SCRAPEFOOT 2 Jul - 31 Aug 2019

This summer, enter the world of SCRAPEFOOT, a walk-through visual art experience for audiences of just four people at a time.

So you think that you know the story of Goldilocks? Think again!

Goldilocks wasn’t always blonde. In fact, over time the stories have changed and she has morphed from a fox called Scrapefoot, into an old hag, and finally into the Goldilocks we know today. What remains the same in each version of the story, is that they each entered a house in the woods (when nobody was home), to feast, sleep and shelter.

Now it’s your turn to follow in the footsteps of a cheeky fox and explore this enchanting house but beware of the three figures who might come home earlier than planned! Have you always been a porridge fan? Is it really trespassing if the door was open?

Created for children to experience either with or without their grown-ups, come and take the lead in your own immersive adventure, piecing together what really happened or what nearly happened or indeed what could have happened on that fateful day...

About ANU...

ANU are a multidisciplinary company, cross-pollinating theatre, visual art and dance. Building a reputation for creating transformative experiences in unusual locations, they continue to challenge theatrical conventions by blurring the lines between immersive and site-specific practice. They place the audience at the very centre of the experience to create autonomous and meaningful exchanges with them. Their aesthetic represents the independent and the experimental, creating a new kind of multi-disciplinary model – a daring new hybrid art at the forefront of Ireland’s cultural landscape.

Lead Artists: Owen Boss, Carl Kennedy, Ciaran Bagnall.
Script Writer: Jody O'Neill
Production Manager: Sean Dennehy
Producer: Lynnette Moran & Matt Smyth
Co- Artistic Directors for ANU: Louise Lowe and Owen Boss