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Seedlings Early Years Workshops: The King’s Beautiful Garden 5 - 6 Jul 2019

It’s summer time! So enjoy participating in this joyful early years (ages 2-4) drama workshop about a beautiful imagined garden led by our Early Years Artist in Residence Joanna Parkes.

In this workshop, little ones will meet a king who loves spending time in his gorgeous garden surrounded by flowers, bees and butterflies.

One day he learns that other kings have wardrobes full of shiny cloaks and crowns so he buys himself a new cloak, and another, and another. Soon he has lots of dazzling cloaks of many colours but what about the garden? He has no money left to pay the gardeners and the garden is overgrown, the flowers are dying and the bees have gone.

Maybe you can make the King see sense and save his garden before it’s too late!

Combining drama, story, play and props, this interactive drama workshop invites little ones and their grown-ups to enjoy imagining together.

Joanna Parkes

Our Seedlings workshops are devised and presented by Joanna Parkes. Joanna is the second recipient of The Ark’s John Coolahan Early Years Artist Residency and will be devising and delivering an exciting drama workshop programme for children in the early years at The Ark from May 2019 until April 2020. Find out more about Joanna here