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Seedlings Early Years: The Art of Sunshine 29 - 30 Jun 2018

Artist Lucy Hill introduces children ages 2-4 to the magical properties of the sun and photography! The perfect opportunity for the children to get creative with their grown-ups!

Using special light sensitive paper, you will arrange objects of your choosing such as leaves and feathers, onto the paper and expose it to sunlight to create magical prints called cyanotype. This is a fascinating process for young and older alike. During the workshop we will also experiment and play with shadow and shape making capabilities of light using light boxes and overhead projectors.

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Engineers used the process well into the 20th century as a simple and low-cost process to produce copies of drawings, referred to as blueprints.

If you wish, you may want to bring small objects of your own from home to use in this workshop. The best items should be about the size of a child’s palm. You may want to bring small toys, shells, shoes or other objects to try out along with the items that will be available to use in the workshop.

Our Seedlings workshops are devised and presented by Lucy Hill. Lucy is the inaugural recipient of The Ark’s John Coolahan Early Years Artist Residency and will be devising and delivering an exciting workshop programme for children in the early years at The Ark from May 2018 until April 2019. Find out more about Lucy here