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Seedlings Workshops: Plaster Caster 2 - 3 Nov 2018

Plaster is amazing! Its transforms from powder to liquid to solid, it warms up as it transforms and it can take as many shapes and forms as we ask it to. It’s a messy but exciting business!

To start, we will press things into brown clay to leave an impression (toys, fingers, shells), then we mix the lovely powder plaster with water and pour it onto the clay.

The plaster warms and then ‘sets’ (goes hard), we then peel the clay away from the plaster, to find a new plaster impression of our objects to paint and to take home! We can also try using other things as ‘moulds’ like orange peel, avocado skins, chestnuts.

Our Seedlings workshops offer opportunities to explore materials and the world around them through playful and engaging activities. Ideal for getting little ones (and their grown-up!) imagining and creating together.

The Seedlings workshops are devised and presented by Lucy Hill. Lucy is the inaugural recipient of The Ark’s John Coolahan Early Years Artist Residency and will be devising and delivering an exciting workshop programme for children in the early years at The Ark from May 2018 until April 2019. Find out more about Lucy here