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Seedlings: Mini Museum of Marvellous Stuff 29 - 30 Mar 2019

We celebrate Marvellously Ordinary Stuff and how it continuously invites us to play, to think, to collect and to make in many unexpected ways.

In this workshop your instructions are to Attach, Detach, Play, Return, Repeat! The gallery space will house a display of 'ordinary stuff' which will be a strange, fun and intriguing collection of random objects and materials displayed on cup hooks, Velcro and mini-shelves creating an unusual museum-style installation.

You will have fun choosing any object that you feel drawn to and detaching it from the installation. Then you can play with your chosen object by making drawings, taking photos, making shadows on the lightbox and projector, inventing stories, games or new names for it. Finally, you will return the object to its original place in the installation or a new place. You can repeat this with a new object as many times as you like.

During the workshop you will also add to your little museum with your drawings, photos stories and naming and have fun thinking about how everything (even ordinary things) can be endlessly playful.

Bring your older siblings Session - Friday 29 March @ 4pm
One of the workshops is in an afterschool time as Lucy, our artist in residence, wants to let the little ones have a chance to invite an older sibling to come along to take part in the workshop with them. Just book your tickets as normal for the 5+ year olds for this session and we will be in touch to arrange the free sibling space (for siblings aged 5+). Please note, they don’t have to have siblings to take part in this session and there will be a limited capacity for the sibling places to ensure that the younger children aren’t outnumbered

This is the final set of Seedlings workshops being devised and presented by Lucy Hill as her year as the inaugural recipient of The Ark’s John Coolahan Early Years Artist Residency is coming to an end. If you would like to hear more about her year developing and delivering visual art programmes for our early years audiences, Lucy will be giving a free talk for grown-ups on Thu 28 March at 6pm. You can find out more here.