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Concert: Shakespeare’s Music Mix 23 - 24 Jun 2017

A fun and accessible musical introduction to the world of Shakespeare. Let The Gregory Walkers take you on a fun and cheeky journey through the great bard’s lifetime using a ‘Top 20’ of the Shakespearean music that featured in his plays – complete with pirates, treasure maps and villains!

Four motley musicians present a compilation of Shakespearean music, putting the tunes in context as they play authentic period instruments – the lute, recorder, viol and percussion. Everybody gets to join in!

The Gregory Walkers bring together four of Ireland's best musicians. Individually the group's members perform classical, renaissance, baroque, contemporary, jazz, world, tango and rock music. In The Gregory Walkers they combine their diverse experiences and talents to present an exciting and refreshing approach to the performance of old music.

With an emphasis on communication and spontaneity, you'll be delighted by the foot-tapping dynamism of this vintage repertoire as The Gregory Walkers present themselves as the kind of band that would have been heard in the Globe Theatre.

Children who are learning the recorder in school or at home can practise the tune Old Spagnoletta which you can download here. Bring your recorder with you to join in when the band play this song during the show.

The Gregory Walkers are...

Laoise O’Brien (recorders), Malachy Robinson (viola da gamba), Eamon Sweeney (Baroque guitar, Renaissance guitar & lute), Francesco Turrisi (Percussion).

They are experienced in delivering performances suitable for children and have done so for Kilkenny Arts Festival, Galway Early Music Festival, Dublin City Arts Office, Ardee Baroque Festival, East Cork Early Music Festival, Music Generation and many others.

Curricular Links...

This show is an ideal opportunity to explore the Listening & Responding, strand of the Music curriculum providing inspiration for further linkage to the History Curriculum also. Through the embedded participatory elements the performance also complements both the Composing and Performing curriculum strands and an understanding of some key musical concepts including pitch, style, pulse etc. Attending this live music performance will give pupils a rare opportunity to hear high quality Ireland-based musicians performing authentic music of a particular historical period and presented in a way that will make the music accessible and enjoyable as well as supporting their learning about musical instruments of different times and exploring the different sounds and styles.