Songwriting & Digital Tools Workshop
1 Nov 2017
Songwriting & Digital Tools Workshop

Learn how to create your own original pop songs in a lively workshop led by artists from Songschool. Invent your own lyrics and then come up with rhythms and melodies to turn them into a new smash hit!

Starting with fun music warm-ups, the group will then be guided in creating lyrics and music for a new song. Along the way you’ll get to explore song structure, composing, arranging and performance. Music software will be used to help you including Garage Band and Music Memos.

There is a strong focus on collaboration, creativity, confidence building and self-expression. The ability to play an instrument is not necessary, just the willingness to join in and give songwriting a try. The workshop is led by accomplished songwriters who are part of the Songschool music education company team.

We will also record a live demo audio recording of the song at the end of the workshop which will help you remember the song afterwards and we will share it with you using SoundCloud which you can use to share if you wish.

Suitable for any level of musical experience.

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