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Science Week Exhibition: The Sound of Light 11 - 19 Nov 2023

This exhibition explores the properties of sound, light, physics through interactive installations and art works designed for children aged 5+.

It is a celebration of human curiosity, encouraging children to explore their own curiosities around light, sound and materials.

The centrepiece is a newly commissioned installation called 'Sound Travels' by instrument builder and sound artist Ed Devane, made especially for Science Week 2023 at The Ark. The piece is inspired by Rube Goldberg machines and will be a fun way of demonstrating the properties of physic and gravity through music and sound using everyday objects.

You can also discover following artworks:

‘Evanesce’ is a light installation by Helen Mac Mahon consists of a mirrored acrylic prism. A spotlight creates a multi-layered projection of constantly changing colour.

Evanecse by Helen Mac Mahon

‘Sound Weaver’ is a magical quilt that is in fact a musical instrument by Jonathan Nangle. Hidden in the stitching and embroidery of the beautiful fabric are special threads and sensors visitors use to create their own tune.

Sound Weaver by Jonathan Nangle

‘Trip the Light Fantastic’ is another creation by Jonathan Nangle. Discover how light can make delicate music using energy gathered by solar cells connected to kitchen mixing bowls.  The piece relies on natural light to create an ever-shifting soundscape of bell-like music.

Trip the Light Fantastic by Jonathan Nangle

‘Your Place in Space Time’ is a sound installation by Ed Devane. It is made of a series of eight tubes that lead to a cylindrical base. Each base has a sensor, which activates different beats depending on visitors’ hand movements.

Your Place in Space Time by Ed Devane

‘The Crane’ by Shadow Creations was inspired by the original leverage crane designed by Leonardo da Vinci.