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String Play 8 - 9 Feb 2019

Enjoy a musical trip through an ordinary day in this fun concert for Ages 5+.

Three friends, who are all also inventive musicians and play lots of instruments, go on a playful non-verbal journey using only music and sounds to tell you about all the activities they do together.

You will love to hear how they play and improvise music to have conversations, play tennis, argue, travel on trains and even fall asleep.

String Play began as part of Fun Size Jazz 2018. This was a musicians’ development programme by The Ark and Improvised Music Company which supported jazz and improvising musicians to develop skills and experience in performing for young audiences. This show is a result of this development process.

Curricular Links...

Perfect for all primary school classes, this show is an ideal opportunity to explore the Listening & Responding strand units of the Music curriculum. Attending this live music performance means children will see and hear outstanding musicians performing music on a range of instruments including cello and violin.