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Talk for Grown-ups: I Still Want to Go to Space 16 Nov 2017

Join Dr Niamh Shaw in conversation as she shares the science of space travel in her naturally engaging and warm style. A talk for adults that will change your relationship with space and inspire you to embrace STEM in new and interactive ways

In 2014 Niamh Shaw announced to the world that she wanted to go to space; and then she made a show about it. To Space explored her impossible dream and the current state of the space industry. She took the show all over the world to share her story.

Now her story continues. I Still Want to Go to Space will see Niamh sharing her life's journey to get to space, talking about her recent simulated Mars mission, her experiences in a zero gravity flight in Russia, and the massive effort it takes to launch a human into space.

Niamh’s scientific knowledge peppered with her wit and approachability, makes her an ideal candidate to deliver a talk to adults that will engage, inspire and illuminate the relevance of space technology in our society.

Part of Science Week 2017