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Teachers' CPD: Bringing the story to life 19 Nov 2022

In this CPD workshop for primary-level teachers, you will learn a range of easy, accessible skills which you can bring back to the classroom in relation to exploring the world through Drama and Story.

Teachers and educators will have the opportunity to explore how drama and story can provide children with opportunities to tackle relevant and pertinent issues within the safety of a story and with the protection of a role. We will explore how children, when participating in a drama process, bring their ideas from the real world into the fictional world where they engage with a range of situations and are encouraged to re-image the world and empathise with the perspectives of others. Although the children may be aware the drama is taking place within a fiction, it can appear real when they are emotionally involved, and therefore when we ‘believe’ in this fictional world and play ‘as if it is real’, we can experience genuine, heartfelt responses and reactions within this pretend world. 

The focus of the day will be exploring themes of friendships and how even the most unlikely friends can be a comfort and support during times of adversity. 

Participants will engage in an experiential drama process using a range of Drama strategies such as; paired improvisation, small group and whole group improvisation, hot seating, split brief scenes, teacher-in-role and reflection in and out of role.

Curricular Links

Using themes drawn from SPHE, English and other subjects, participants will explore a variety of imaginative approaches to integrated curriculum delivery. Teachers of all levels of experience will be able to fully engage in this ½ day of professional development