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Teachers' CPD: Explore, Make & Respond 12 Mar 2022

In this CPD workshop for teachers, you will learn a range of easy, accessible skills which delve into the world of fabrics, textiles and the ways in which you can bring your learning into your classroom.

During this workshop, experienced arts educator and artist Carrie Lynam will discuss the building blocks needed for the delivery of the Fabric & Fibre and Construction strands of the visual arts curriculum. This workshop focuses on understanding the materials and tools needed for success and learning techniques that transfer to a busy classroom.

Often within the hustle and bustle of the classroom, the design process and preparation can become overlooked and focus can often lie on the finished products. This workshop will allow you to take the time to rediscover the importance of design research, experimentation and the creative process.

Attendees will explore the design process, discussing research, gathering stimuli, ideas for open ended experimentation with materials and the planning stages of creating an artwork. In this hands-on workshop participants will create their own unique samples to support in-classroom delivery.

Curricular Links

This hands-on tactile workshop supports the delivery of the Fabric & Fibre strand and the Construction strand of the visual arts curriculum. Through exploration and experimentation with materials, participants will explore the design process and gain samples and techniques to support in-class delivery.

About Carrie Lynam

Carrie Lynam

Carrie Lynam is visual artist and experienced arts educator. Carrie’s art practice spans a variety of disciplines including, textiles, performance, film and photography where she explores themes of identity and privacy in the digital age. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is held in collections at The National Museum of Scotland and Kilkenny County Council. She has had artwork commissioned by fashion couture houses as well as filmmakers, dance and music artists. Carrie spent six years as the National Coordinator of the Design & Crafts Councils of Ireland’s CRAFTed programme and has extensive experience of working with the primary school Visual Arts Curriculum for numerous organisations. She holds a first-class honours degree in Fine Art and a Higher Diploma in Community Art Education.