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Teachers' CPD: Felting Together 13 May 2023

In this CPD workshop for primary teachers, textile artist and educator Gabi McGrath will introduce you to the art of felting and explore ways to bring your learning into your classroom.

A designer, craft teacher, maker and curator, Gabi will introduce her textile practice to you and share a selection of projects that she has undertaken with schools.

You will then have the opportunity to experiment with fibres in this hands-on workshop, learning simple felting techniques and uncovering the expressive possibilities of the material. Through both 2D and 3D construction, you will explore shape, tone, texture and form.

Over the course of this two-hour workshop, Gabi will help you develop skills, techniques and processes that can be integrated into your lesson plans and adapted for students of all ages.

Curricular Links

This workshop will develop skills to support the delivery of the Fabric & Fibre and Construction strands of the visual arts curriculum.

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About Gabi McGrath

Gabi is a visual arts educator and craft facilitator. She holds an Honours Bachelor Degree in primary education and visual arts teaching. Gabi has been on the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland's Education Panel since 2011, delivering collaborative CRAFTed projects in primary schools. Gabi has been designing and delivering CPD courses on how to integrate crafts and visual arts into education since 2012. She facilitates workshops and outreach programmes for all abilities and ages in museums, libraries, at festivals and in her own studio. Her practice explores all six Visual Arts strands, multimedia projects and craft techniques such as textiles (feltmaking, weaving, sewing, printing and embroidery), basketry, paper making and leatherwork just to mention a few. Since 2018 she has been a Creative Associate on the Creative Schools programme. Gabi is a member of the Design and Crafts Council Ireland and the International Feltmakers Association.