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Teachers CPD: Gaming in the Classroom 9 Mar 2019

This engaging workshop will provide you with an introduction to hands-on, simple creative technology tools that support cross-curricular learning through play for STEAM subjects at Primary level – particularly in Science, Technology, Arts and Maths.

You will work in teams with Make Create Innovate to design and develop your own prototype games. You will be introduced to creative technology such as MaKey MaKey and learn about more advanced uses of software such as Scratch. You will see first-hand how games can teach students about competition and cooperation as well as supporting the development of concentration, perseverance and other skills through ‘fine-motor play’.

For students, including those with special needs, the design of games and the process of rule-making are ideal ways to explore ethics. It gives the opportunity to reflect on their own values, motivations and behaviour as well as society’s. This can reinforce the strands within history, geography and SPHE relating to human intervention. Games can further support curriculum content broadly by setting goals and making learning fun through the development of skills and knowledge. Games facilitate experimentation, self-expression and enhance critical thinking skills.