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Teachers CPD: A Celebration of Wintertime 7 Nov 2020

This visual art CPD workshop for teachers which will focus on skills, techniques and processes teachers can integrate into their lesson plans and easily adapt to all ages.

Every season has its own beauty and winter is certainly not lacking. It may not display the soft pastel tones of spring, the bright and bold splashes of summer or the fiery range of autumn’s colours, but the winter season has its own very individual palette.

Through the theme of winter, artist Jole Bortoli will lead the group on an exploration of the visual art curriculum through hands on activities which will be completed in real time via zoom. Together, the group will examine the many manifestations of winter in the diverse environments and habitats found in Ireland. Looking at how various visual artists have interpreted this theme, participants will create their very own artwork, giving them the tools to approach a winter-themed art workshop with children in the classroom.

Each participant will be asked to gather simple materials and tools that they should easily find around the house. They will also be sent a small art pack by post with any speciality materials that they will need during the workshop.

Online platform: The workshop will be delivered using the Zoom video call software. This will be a private Zoom session which will only be accessed by the participants of the workshop, the artist and The Ark's staff. The session will be recorded for the safety and security of all participants, however this recording will not be shared publicly and will be deleted within 30 days.

Requirements for participation:

  • Laptop/Computer with internet access for zoom
  • Materials:
    • Collage paper such as scraps of magazine or wrapping papers.
    • Colouring pencils.
    • A lead pencil.
    • Glue and scissors.
    • Paint, brushes, sponge,
    • Fork/toothpick (any tools that make a pattern or mark)

Curricular Links

The CPD course will focus on the drawing, paint, colour strand of the Visual Art Curriculum while cross-linking with the Geography curriculum exploring the strands of human and natural environments as well as environmental awareness and care.

About Jole Bortoli

Jole has many years’ experience working both with children and with adults who work with children. She has collaborated with The Ark since it’s foundation in 1995 and has a wealth of experience developing and delivering CPD workshops for teachers. Her knowledge of the primary curriculum and her ability to seamlessly integrate various subjects and strands of the curriculum into visual art practices mean that teachers are equipped with skills that will support learning when they are back in classroom.