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That Night Follows Day - A Rehearsed Reading 15 Jun 2019

The Ark and Project Arts Centre present a rehearsed reading by children - for grown-ups. Part of Right Here, Right Now! The Ark's Festival of Children.

Working with a cast of eight to fourteen year olds made up children from Dublin and further afield, acclaimed theatre company Forced Entertainment present a rehearsed reading of Tim Etchells' That Night Follows Day. A funny, provocative and beautifully poetic piece that exposes the facts, fibs and excuses adults make up for children.

Performed by children, for adults, it invites us to take a playful look at the way we project our world onto those around us. With alarming clarity and humour, the children reveal the ways in which we are all constrained and created by the words we hear.

You feed us.
You dress us.
You watch us when we are sleeping.
You lay down the law.
You explain that night follows day.

Forced Entertainment's renowned artistic director and writer Tim Etchells has seen his work exhibited internationally. This is the first time a rehearsed reading of his text will be created and presented in Ireland.