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The Right Here Right Now Rally! 14 Jun 2019

The Children’s Rally will be the pinnacle moment in Right Here Right Now! and we want YOU to join in!

It’s time to get on your soapbox and tell us what’s on your mind, making sure that children are seen and heard. There are two ways that school groups, children’s clubs or families can take part - either by joining us at The Ark or holding a rally where you are!

Either way, to help children get ready for the rally, we have created a Rally Preparation Pack that can be used in school or at home to explore the topic of children’s rights and the importance of children’s voices being heard by grown-ups.

Join us at The Ark

Children from all over Ireland will rally together on Meeting House Square in Temple Bar (just behind The Ark). There’ll be speeches and banners, flags and songs! It will be a colourful celebration of children’s rights: the right to play, to engage in cultural activities and the right to express yourself.

If you, your family, group or school would like to take part, then call us on 01670 7788 or use our online registration form and a member of The Ark team will be in touch.

Can't get to Dublin? Rally Where You Are!

If you can't get join us in Meeting House Square, then you can still take part. Why not host your own local rally at home, in school or in your area to make sure that children get to tell everyone about what's important to them?

To help you prepare for your rally, why not use our Rally Preparation Pack, full of information about chilkdren's rights and creative ways to express yourself.

Please tell us about your planned rally by calling us on 01670 7788 or use our online registration form so that we can give a big shout out to you at the Dublin rally and on social media! Grown-ups can share your event on social media using #RHRNFest.